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Etre moda is one of Italy’s best manufacturers of accessories for the fashion and shoe industry.
Specialising in the production of Belt Buckles, Etre Moda have created a range of accessories which have been used by leading brands to form part of the fashion collections. We pride ourselves on the quality we bring to our work, the attention to detail and the feedback that we receive from our customers. It’s the passion for what we do that drives Etre Moda to create a new collection every six months.

Our products are all produced in our home within Le Marche, allowing the team to manage the process from design through to quality control and distribution quickly, efficiently, so that technical assistance can be provided to customers.

Design e style for the latest trend
We watch the catwalks i the Milan, Paris and Lonodn understanding what is influencing the trends wich are in the fashion shows, so that when we create our designs for new accessories they compliment the new collections which you bring to high street fashion. As well as drawing inspiration from the contemporary world our team bring their passion and uderstanding of the human form, movement and dynamics to create elegance in form, color and style.
Our collection is large and we design accessories which will appeal to all types of people, match all types of product and suit a broad range of customers. Whether you are looking for something simple to match a suit or something extrovert to form part of a themed collection, Etre Moda is sure to have it.

We are pleased to meet the exacting needs of all of our customers. Whethever you have a specific design in mind, or you wish to modify an existing design we will work with you to provide you the best product to meet your needs. Our satisfaction is to be able to undertand and realize what others can't do!

Everyday we work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers and create something new. Wheter it's through new designs or the use of new materials or processes, the way we respond to customer enquiries is in the speed of delivery. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide and strive to be and to do better.

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